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  • Multi-disciplinary design: Our diverse team of engineers, architects, surveyors and specialists design solutions for complex and secure projects. 
  • Full BIM modelling: We create digital project representations for collaboration and optimisation.
  • Carbon reduction and environmental services: We support sustainability goals with carbon analysis, energy audits, and more. 
  • UAV surveys: Aerial surveys provide high-resolution data for mapping and analysis. 
  • Geotechnical expertise: We offer solutions for ground conditions and soil properties. 
  • Specialist building survey: Our surveys cover condition assessment, defect diagnosis, and compliance.
  • Complex programme management: We manage projects from planning to stakeholder engagement. 
  • Cost reduction and value engineering: Our consultants optimise costs and value throughout projects. 
  • Full design and build capability: We provide end-to-end services for seamless project delivery. 
  • Secure by Design: We ensure designs meet high security standards and certifications. 
  • Critical design services: Our expertise includes classified environments and security compliance. 
  • Advanced cyber security capabilities: Our team designs and implements solutions meeting stringent cyber security standards.

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Mcandrew Innovation

Mission Statement:

At McAndrew Martin, our mission is clear: to provide award-winning multi-disciplinary solutions with sustainability and the customer at the forefront of our endeavours. To be recognised as the UK’s leading organisation for delivering complex secure engineering, design and build solutions to government and industry partners, where operation is required in highly secure and assured environments..


We envision McAndrew Martin as the leading independent multi-disciplinary practice, setting the standard for excellence in the U.K. and beyond. To engineer and educate the built world towards a sustainable future. By leveraging our diverse expertise and commitment to sustainability, we strive to be the go-to partner for clients seeking critical service solutions by secure design.

Customer as the heart:

At the heart of our business lies our commitment to our customers. Our high retention rate, repeat business, and glowing customer testimonials are testament to their loyalty and satisfaction. We cultivate long-term relationships built on trust, quality, and reliability. With a proven track record of delivering complex and secure projects on time, within budget, and to specification, we consistently exceed expectations. Positive feedback and recognition from our clients further affirm our professionalism, responsiveness, and the value we bring

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Mcandrew Social Values


With a legacy of success dating back to 1989, we continue to expand our reach, fuelled by ambition and driven by the pursuit of quality and innovation. From prestigious landmarks to vital infrastructure, our work leaves as a lasting impact, reflecting our dedication to craftmanship, integrity, and client satisfaction. With offices in Hampshire and Herefordshire, we are poised to serve clients both nationally and internationally, ensuring that McAndrew Martin remains synonymous with excellence, reliability, and sustainable design solutions.

Social Values:

Mc Andrew Martin (MML) is dedicated to social, economic, and environmental responsibility, embedding these values into its core operations. Through sustainable practices and ethical policies, MML collaborates with stakeholders to reduce environmental impact and ensure fair labour standards.

MML proudly supports veterans, athletes like Royal Navy Powerlifter Wes McGuinness, and organisations such as the Aster Foundation and the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. With a commitment to community initiatives, including funding defibrillator installations in villages like Llangrove, Herefordshire, MML actively contributes to meaningful causes fostering positive change in the communities it serves.

Social values
view of footbridge at night in Hong Kong,China.

Sustainability & Innovation

We have sustainability and social value credentials, such as ISO 14001, aiming to be a carbon net-zero business by 2030. We are passionate about making a positive difference to the environment and society through our projects and operations. We have set ambitious targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, increase our renewable energy consumption, and minimise our waste generation. We are also working towards becoming a B-Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We are leaders and innovators in our niche, particularly in developing new capabilities and supporting the highest tiers of government and defence in the Built Environment sectors such as SME and Supply Chain management, Digital acceleration, Building Safety, Information Management, and Decarbonisation. We continuously seek ways to enhance our services and solutions by investing in research and development, adopting new technologies and methodologies, and collaborating with industry and academic partners.