Business as usual at McAndrew Martin

We’ve adopted a ‘business as usual’ approach at McAndrew Martin in the wake of the EU Referendum decision. The vote was always going to be close although it still came as a shock when the decision was announced.
Although there has been some political and economic volatility so far, we have to look forward with a positive attitude.
There have been concerns about the impact of the Brexit vote on house prices and the property market in general as well as the wider economy.
We don’t anticipate a major impact on our business as we cover multiple areas within the property sector, including surveys, structural engineering, architectural design and conservation work.
As far as we are concerned it is business as usual whilst we will also monitor economic and industry developments and trends to ensure we can continue to deliver the best service to our clients and ensure they have the confidence to proceed in any transactions.
While some clients and businesses will want to ‘wait and see’ to see how events unfold it is important to note that formal departure from the EU will take years rather than months so we will be adopting a long term approach.
We have continued to invest in our premises and our workforce in recent years, and we are determined to continue to do so with our ongoing recruitment drive.
Like many businesses locally, we emerged from the recession stronger, more efficient, more experienced and greater able to face any challenges in the future.
From this position of strength, we have every confidence in our staff, clients, and fellow firms in the Portsmouth Property Association and the local economy to weather any storms but also fully grasp any opportunities in the coming weeks, months and years.
You can also email us on [email protected] or call 02392 697193 for advice about how the Brexit potentially affects you or your business.
We’re also on Facebook, Twitter under @McAndrewMartin and on LinkedIn under our name.
The BBC website is always good for an economic overview at while the Portsmouth News is on the ball at a local level at
For an industry view, try and the British Chambers of Commerce always has a measured and informative view at Don’t forget to visit the Hampshire Chamber at

We’ve adopted a ‘business as usual’ approach at McAndrew Martin in the wake of the EU Referendum decision. The vote…

6th February 2024

A Dynamic Collaboration in Topographical and Utility Surveys

In light of the critical importance of precision and accuracy in the world of land development, McAndrew Martin places great emphasis on the pivotal role that comprehensive surveys play in laying the groundwork for successful projects. Presently, some of our key members are actively engaged in on-site topographical, utility, and…
25th January 2024

Piloting the Company Drone

During a recent survey at a site near Canterbury, our apprentice building surveyor, Josh O’Leary, was accompanied by our experienced surveyor and drone pilot, Rob Graham, as part of Josh’s learning and development plan. Together, they piloted our company drone through a demolition site assessment, shedding light on the remarkable…
13th December 2023

New MML strapline

The MML website has been refreshed and updated, making it more user-friendly, informative, and inviting. Work hasn’t stopped and it will continue to evolve and showcase our capabilities and achievements, along with our latest news.    The new MML strapline was launched on Friday 15th December 2023. “Critical Service Solutions…
5th December 2023

McAndrew Martin Ltd is very pleased to announce that Luis Correia has joined our team

Luis is an extremely accomplished, creative, and innovate Chartered Structural Engineer. With over 16 years in the industry, he is driven by architecturally-led buildings and has been exposed to a variety of scales, typologies, and sectors (residential, commercial, transport and energy). This has led to extensive experience of working in…
28th November 2023

Congratulations to our BIM Co-Ordinators

Congratulations to Siddarth Bhonsle, Senior BIM Co-Ordinator (right), and Akshayaraj Bathala, Junior BIM Co-Ordinator (left), for successfully completing their Master’s Degree in ‘BIM in Design, Construction, and Operation’, at the University of the West of England – Bristol on Friday, October 24th, 2023. Their expertise will significantly enhance the documentation…
28th November 2023

RAF Leadership & Team building Day at RAF Cranwell, OASC.

McAndrew Martin was one of several companies, along with a Welsh fire service, that took advantage of the offer for Leadership and Teambuilding training by the RAF. The training took place at the Officer and Air Crew Selection Centre (OASC), RAF Cranwell, near Lincoln. Despite the distance, it proved to…
21st November 2023

Warsash Wasps Sponsorship

McAndrew Martin Ltd is delighted to have sponsored The Warsash Wasps, U9 Girls’ football team. We’ve supplied them with training tops and waterproof jackets to support their training during the colder and wetter weather conditions. We extend our best wishes for their success and look forward to continuing our support…
14th November 2023

Remembrance Weekend

On this Remembrance weekend, November 2023, members of the McAndrew Martin Family honoured and remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. On Saturday 11th November, Rab Bailie, Tina Davies, Tara Payton & Pauline Hatchard took part in the inaugural Southampton Poppy Walk around Royal Victoria Park near…
9th November 2023

Insights from PROCUREX Wales

In today’s rapidly evolving world, it’s imperative for industries to come together and explore ways to reduce carbon emissions and foster sustainable growth. Recently, some members of our team had the privilege of attending Procurex Wales, an event that promised to shed light on cutting-edge strategies in this critical domain….