Commercial & residential

Our team provides valuation reports, home condition and building surveys and structural engineers reports for residential properties to enable our clients to make informed decisions and provide peace of mind. Our experienced professionals are well known in Portsmouth and the surrounding Solent area and regularly receive recommendations from estate agents, financial advisers and solicitors. All of our surveys are overseen by either RICS or CIOB qualified surveyors with  many years’ experience, and our experts have built up a solid reputation for their competent and excellent service.

They were very accommodating with our requests and completed the project quickly.

Market valuation

A concise report from a RICS registered valuer giving a professional market valuation of your property. It is always recommended that a registered valuer with thorough local knowledge undertakes the property inspection as it is essential to have an understanding not only of the property construction but any geographical, historical and environmental impacts that could affect its value.

Home condition survey

These are the most popular type of survey and the standard choice for most properties built of traditional construction methods, using common building materials. A valuation of the property can be included if required.
The survey can take around two to four hours.

Building survey

Sometimes referred to as a full structural survey, technically this is a building survey and is the most thorough survey you can get. The building survey is particularly suited to older, larger properties or if the building has been significantly altered or if you are planning major renovation works. It provides a comprehensive analysis of both the property's structure and condition. The surveyor will be ‘hands on’ and will complete a thorough inspection of the property and its services. The report will list any defects and advise on repairs and maintenance. You can also ask the surveyor to include projected costs and timings for any repair work recommended in the report.

Specific defect report

This specialist survey is undertaken by a building surveyor and investigates possible causes for a particular issue and provides a report to include professional opinions and remedial work recommendations.

Help to buy valuation

An independent valuation report for a property bought with the Government Help-to-Buy scheme. The inspection will be completed by one of our RICS registered valuers who have considerable experience in the local area.

Shared ownership valuation

A valuation report which is required if you wish to sell your shared ownership property or wish to buy additional shares (staircasing).

Lease extension valuation

A valuation to assess a fair price to pay for extending your lease. An inspection of the property will be undertaken followed by a calculation of the premium for statutory and informal lease extension purposes. The valuer will consider the known facts (length of lease remaining, ground rent etc) and will use these to provide the current market value and the likely increase in that value when a new lease is granted.