McAndrew Martin Ltd.’s Inaugural Staff Awards Ceremony

The inaugural Staff Awards Ceremony, hosted at the Portsmouth Marriott Hotel, marked a significant milestone in McAndrew Martin Ltd.’s history. Employees gathered for an afternoon dedicated to celebrating staff members’ efforts and providing crucial updates on the company’s direction.

Here’s a brief recap of the afternoon:

Bill McAndrew, our founder, warmly welcomed everyone to the event, reflecting on McAndrew Martin Ltd.’s remarkable 36-year journey. It was an ideal moment for Bill to highlight the company’s growth and the promising opportunities on the horizon.

Following Bill’s opening remarks, Tim Redfern provided a comprehensive update on the company’s direction, unveiling its mission and vision for the future. Utilising state-of-the-art AI-generated imagery, he painted a clear picture of the company’s trajectory, leaving everyone inspired and optimistic.

Dr Thomas Gould, our in-house political economist, then took to the floor to deliver an engaging presentation on the AI revolution and its implications for the future. With his trademark humour and insight, he underscored the importance of embracing technological advancements and adapting to the evolving landscape.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the afternoon was the awards ceremony, where employees were recognised for their outstanding contributions.

Strategic partners, including Bastion Suppliers, were also acknowledged for their invaluable support and collaboration.

In closing, Bill McAndrew reiterated the company’s dedication to innovation and progress, leaving everyone inspired to continue pushing boundaries and looking forward to the journey ahead.

Read on for insights from one of our award nominees as we delve into their experience of the afternoon.

McAndrew Martin Young Employee of the Year

2nd Place 2023Muhammad Shahid

How does it feel to win your award?

It feels incredibly rewarding to win this award. It’s a validation of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into my role, and it encourages me to continue striving for the best in everything I do.

What’s been the standout moment for you leading up to the award? Any great work moments /achievements you’d like to share?

The standout moment leading up to receive this award has been the collective efforts and collaboration within our team. Moreover, overcoming challenges and achieving milestones that I never thought possible. It’s been a journey filled with growth and accomplishments.

Question 3: Any words to MML / the team?

I would like to pay heartfelt gratitude to board members; Jason Marshall, William McAndrew, Dr Thomas Gould, and Timothy Redfern to provide young talent an opportunity to showcase their achievement and nominating me for this precious award.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr Martin Smith and Mr Guy Hamilton Fletcher for their continued support throughout this journey. It’s truly an honour to be a part of this supportive and talented team. 

The inaugural Staff Awards Ceremony, hosted at the Portsmouth Marriott Hotel, marked a significant milestone in McAndrew Martin Ltd.’s history….

23rd April 2024

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