Land surveying
Our land surveying department are experts in the provision of accurate and clearly presented geospatial data for an array of companies in the commercial sector and for the public sector. Our MRICS qualified professionals are experienced, multi-disciplinary and quick to respond to our clients’ needs.

Our geomatics department provides a comprehensive solution for the supply of geospatial data across a varied client base. Our surveyors support our internal design services as well as external clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our team of RICS qualified surveyors are on hand to advise and develop an ideal solution to any mapping requirement. We use the latest technology to collect accurate geospatially referenced data in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Topographic surveys
A topographic survey is an accurate representation of natural and man made features within a specified area. Topographic survey drawings will show (at a minimum) building lines, kerb lines, boundaries, service covers, street furniture and ground levels so that a detailed digital representation of a site is achieved.

We supply topographic surveys in 2D or 3D digital CAD formats to clients, including architects, engineers, planners and internally to support our in house design engineers.

Buried services investigation
Utilising a combination of visual inspection, CCTV inspection, electromagnetic location (EML) and ground penetrating radar (GPR), McAndrew Martin can provide a comprehensive investigation into the underground utilities that may be present on a particular site. Our fully qualified team undertakes surveys in full compliance of the PAS128 specification for underground utility detection, verification and location.

Laser scanning
3D laser scanners utilise LiDaR (light detection and ranging) technology as well as HDR imagery to create a fully comprehensive digital representation of a site. This extremely fast and accurate data collection technique ensures information from the most hard to reach places can be recorded safely and efficiently with the elimination of further site visits. McAndrew Martin can provide an array of deliverables to satisfy any requirements including:
-A fully registered Pointcloud delivered in any format required by the client
-2D & 3D CAD models
-3D Revit model

Measured building surveys
McAndrew Martin have vast experience in the production of measured building surveys. Data is collected on site using a variety of methods depending on the deliverable to produce 2D or 3D digital plans in CAD format. Internal or external plans, elevations and cross-sections can be derived from the data and used by architects, planners and facility management companies in property development or asset management.

UAV surveys & inspections
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a fast, cost effective and efficient technology that can be used for collecting high resolution imagery and video in hard to access locations for inspection or mapping. As well as the video and still photography, deliverables can also include thermal imagery, 3D point clouds, Orthophotos and condition reports.

Experts in the provision and presentation of geospatial surveys for a wide range of clients in the public and commercial sectors.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Partner with us to fortify your digital defences and navigate the complexities of secure environments with confidence


We have a strong track record in delivering thermally efficient buildings

Life science

Extensive experience in designing facilities for medical services, life science and advanced technology companies.

Architectural CAD

Our award winning team delivers the expertise, creativity and flexibility to turn our clients’ visions into reality.

Building surveying

Practical advice and innovative commercial surveying solutions conducted by our team of RICS-chartered experts.

Structural engineering

With unrivalled technical knowledge and experience, our structural solutions team provides practical, elegant and cost effective solutions for clients.


Our innovative engineering team undertakes design, installation and management projects to match the exact needs of our clients.

Project management

Our award-winning professionals have an impressive track record of delivering successful projects, on time, on budget and to the highest standards.


We have a wealth of experience delivering high quality projects on time and within budget.