Social Values

McAndrew Martin Ltd (MML) recognise that our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities are integral to our business. These responsibilities are demonstrated through our actions and within our corporate policies. All feedback that we receive is taken seriously and, where possible, we maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfil the requirements outlined within the aforementioned policies. Read our full social value statement here.

Continuous work with our Suppliers and Customers, ensures we reduce their impact on the environment, whilst also encouraging Suppliers to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit. Suppliers are regarded as partners, and we work with them to help us achieve the delivery of our services.

We are committed to ensuring that the welfare of workers and labour conditions, within our supply chain, meet or exceed recognised standards.

MML are the proud holders of the Silver Defence Recognition Scheme and working towards the Gold award. We actively support Armed Forces Day, which is promoted via our social media sites. Currently 10% of MML employees are veterans.


Lt Cdr Phil Mandley RN (Retired), was appointed by MML as a non-executive director. He has produced a sound training and development programme for graduates and apprenticeships, coupled with the upscaling of all current staff. This has already resulted in the employment of 3 x Graduates (one of which is the son of a former RN Officer) and 2 x Apprentices, with the company actively pursuing further candidates. The graduates took part in a tree planting event in a Hampshire woodland (maintained by Lt Cdr Manley). Where they were involved in the planting of 240 x trees. As part of the graduate programme, they are also required to give up 1 x day per year, in pursuit of helping veterans in the community.


MML has recently delivered beach clean ups in Portsmouth (with 4 x participants being veterans) and now sponsor the “Big Blue Clean Up”. Our first international beach clean up was conducted in Tunisia, in April 23, with more planned in other countries.


Serving Petty Officer Wes McGuiness is a Royal Navy Powerlifter and began this sport just over a decade ago. He has since represented GB at the highest level of Powerlifting in the UK. Due to the nature of his sport, Wes finds it very hard to find sponsors, MML sponsored him £2,000 last season and have sponsored him again for the 2024 season, this will greatly assist him with the financial burden of the season. MML also sponsored the son of a serving Army officer, running the London marathon 2024 in aid of “Childhood First”, for the amount of £550.

MML have partnered with the Aster foundation – enabling better lives in and around our communities and combating poverty. We have signed an enduring 12 month agreement, with an initial sponsorship of £10,000. This charity has a very positive impact on communities around the UK.



MML have recently became a Company Supporter of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. Not only does this mean that all of our staff have readily available access to it’s services and support, our financial contribution also ensures that the charity has the much needed funding it requires.

In February 2023, an important contribution was made by MML to the village of Llangrove, Herefordshire. The village had raised the funds to purchase a defibrillator and heated cabinet, but they were in need of assistance to install it. MML contributed financially to enable the installation. The unit now sits, fully functional, in the Royal Arms Pub, one of the main focus points in the village.


Overall, MML's dedication to social, economic, and environmental responsibilities, as well as its initiatives to support various causes and organizations, makes it an exemplary example of responsible corporate citizenship.